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St. Chad's Catholic Primary School, Catholic Lane, Sedgley, Dudley


Saint Chad's Catholic Primary School serves two parishes. We share a site with St. Chad's and All Saints and also serve St. Peter and the English Martyrs which is in Lower Gornal. Father Paul is parish priest of both parishes.

You can read more on the Parishes Website

A Welcome from Father Paul

Father Paul Edwards - Parish Priest of St. Chad's and All Saints Sedgely, and St. Peter and the English Martyrs, Lower Gornal.

We are a warm and inviting community which welcomes a diversity of people who have proven to build up the great family which is St. Chad's and All Saints, Sedgley together with St. Peter and the English Martyrs, Lower Gornal.

In a time of transition we are proving that this 'diversity' can be the essence and foundation of our growing together in Christ.

We are incredibly fortunate to collaborate our two parishes and together with St. Chad's school create a community of love, acceptance and peace.

We cannot offer you a refuge for saints - that may be too much to ask! But we sincerely offer you a refuge for those who are struggling to be better and to imitate the footsteps of Our Lord.

If you are struggling... welcome home. If you are a Saint... please offer us some advice!

St. Chad's and All Saints Church

St. Chad's and All Saints
High Holborn
Tel: 01902 882215

Mass: Saturday at 6.30pm, Sunday at 10.30am

The Catholic church in Sedgley has a very long history, as the first mission was established in 1786. The first chapel which opened in 1789 was dedicated to St. George.

The current church was first used for Mass in August 1823 and was called All Saints. When the church was consecrated in 1891 a saint's name had to be added. So the church was dedicated to St. Chad and All Saints.

Throughout those years there have been only sixteen parish priests and many assistant priests.

The presentation below gives a more detailed history of the history of the parish and the priests who served it since 1786 until the present day:

Church and grounds.
The front of the Church.

The Altar.
The Sacred Heart.

Our Lady's Altar.
Celebrating the 225th Anniversary of the Church.

St. Peter and the English Martyrs Church

St. Peter and the English Martyrs
Temple Street
Lower Gornal
Tel: 01384 252254

Mass: Saturday at 5.00pm, Sunday at 9.00am

The Church building.
The Altar inside St. Peter's.

The Shrine of St. Peter and the English Martyrs.